Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will

be opened to you. (Matthew7:7)



“氣質", “肉麻"英文怎樣說?    

new arrivals or new arrival?  

office hours 為什麼要用複數, happy hour為什麼用單數?

“24 hour service" or *"24 hours service"?



Now Open, Grand Opening; wake-up call

date & jujube; green bean & mung bean;

bald eagle; killer whale



熟女  爆料  劈腿  車震  裝凱子  停損點

靜脈曲張  骨質疏鬆  膠原蛋白  玻尿酸



自動門啟閉時,請小心避免碰撞 (松山機場)

*When automatic door in motion, please avoid carefully the collision


*Director General’s Mail Box(機場)


*On-line Taxi Pick-up


*To prevent bird flu virus from spreading, do not carry poultry and birds into the station.


*Flashing light indicates the side which the door will open.

Doors open on this side when light flashes.


Public Signs Taipei MRT

*Ask passenger agent to retrieve your personal effects from trackway.


Ask MRT staff to retrieve anything you drop on the trackway.

(Ask MRT agent to retrieve items you drop on the trackway.)


*Yield seats to elderly, infirm passengers, and women with children. 讓座給老弱婦孺

*Please yield your seat to elderly, pregnant, disabled or baby-holding passengers.


*Please yield priority seats to the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled or passengers carrying babies.

*Please yield your seat to elderly, pregnant, disabled passenger or passenger with baby. Let each and every seat be priority seat.


Please yield priority seats to the elderly, pregnant, or disabled, and to those carrying babies.


“Please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you do.”



Using Corpus as a Tool for Checking English Usage


Which of the following do you think is better?


A.      He probably can make a trip to London./He can probably make a trip to London./Probably he can make a trip to London.


B.      I plan to visit Kaohsiung next week. If any school there is interested in

(having me give / my giving /inviting me to give / *asking me to give) a talk, please let me know.

C.      *"due to limit of time"
*"due to limitation of time"
“due to time limits"
“due to time constraints"


  1. A check for $500 dollars/*a check of 500 dollars
  2. “Operating Model” vs. *“Operation Model”

All websites


 所有網頁 約有252,000項符合“operating model"的查詢結果(as of May 2, 2008)

(In comparison to the search of Jan. 19, 2008)約有22,500,000項符合Operating Model的查詢結果



 所有網頁約有104,000項符合“operation model"的查詢結果 (as of May 2, 2008)

(In comparison to the search of Jan. 19, 2008)約有23,500,000項符合Operation Model的查詢結果


Taiwan only


 所有網頁 約有39,100項符合Operating Model的查詢結果
 所有網頁 約有55,500項符合Operation Model的查詢結果(Jan. 19, 2008)


Search excluding 4 Asian country sites: -site:jp -site:kr -site:tw -site:cn

Search only in 4 Asian country sites: site:jp || site:kr || site:tw || site:cn

allintext: “reading interest" -site:jp -site:kr -site:tw -site:cn   
allintext: “reading interest" site:jp || site:kr || site:tw || site:cn


 “baby on board" or *“baby in car"


約有710,000項符合“baby on board" 的查詢結果

約有666,000項符合“baby on board" -site:jp -site:kr -site:tw -site:cn的查詢結果

約有562項符合“baby on board" site:jp || site:kr || site:tw || site:cn的查詢結果


約有113,000項符合“baby in car" 的查詢結果

約有61,100項符合“baby in car" -site:jp -site:kr -site:tw -site:cn的查詢結果

約有41,800項符合“baby in car" site:jp || site:kr || site:tw || site:cn的查詢結果


約有4,640項符合*“back from a business trip in *"的查詢結果

約有18,000項符合“back from a business trip to *"的查詢結果

約有376項符合“on a business trip in the UK"的查詢結果

約有74項符合*“on a business trip to the UK"的查詢結果


約有51,600項符合“doing market research"的查詢結果

約有5,290項符合“doing a market research"的查詢結果


( 約有2,290,000項符合My lecture will be finished at的查詢結果)

找不到 “My lecture will be finished at" 的結果。

關於“lecture will be finished at" 5項搜尋結果

約有46項符合“lecture will finish at"的查詢結果 (as of August 18, 08)


所有網頁 (as of April 22, 08)

 找不到 “promoting reading interest in adolescents" 的結果。

找不到 “promote reading interest in adolescents" 的結果。

找不到 “promoting reading interest in" 的結果。


約有1,780項符合“increase interest in reading"的查詢結果

約有220項符合“increase reading interest"的查詢結果

關於“increase reading interest in"1項搜尋結果

約有2項符合“increase reading interest among"的查詢結果


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Word by Word: Basic Picture Dictionary看圖會話字典基礎篇(雙語版)


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Asterisk (*) before a phrase denotes that the expression is not good. 

 “配套措施"     contingency plan

“氣質", “肉麻"

new arrival means a new born baby — the best way to welcome the new arrival is by planning a new born baby party.